'Hindutva is the only way for Global Welfare' says Pujaniya Sarsanghchalak
Date: 20-May-2013

Pa.Pu.sarsanghchalak ji addressing the trainees in Assam Shikshavarga (OTC)Guwahati, May 16: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Dr Shri Mohan Bhagawat reiterated that Hindutva alone can provide effective remedy to all the problems facing the nation and the world today. He was speaking at the concluding ceremony of the Sangh Shiksha Varg, 2013 held at Hojai, in Nagaon district of Assam.
Maintaining that the Sangh can only be understood through direct experience, and not through lectures or library, he said that there are certain things in this world that cannot be compared with any other things, like the sky, the ocean or the war between Rama and Ravana. It is a human tendency to compare with known things when trying to understand something unknown. This is the trap people fall into while trying to understand the Sangh. To some it appears as a national sports club, to others a national music club, a national martial arts organization etc. Many think that the Sangh is a party that participates in many movements. While it is true that the Sangh (or rather the swayamsevaks) does all of the above, it is none of these.
Today the world has come to the realization that the path of progress most of the nations have followed so far has led only to progress of the means of consumption, but it has failed miserably to end human misery. The root of the problem is: (1) lack of spirituality, (2) lack of moral concern and (3) lack of values. The world is looking towards Bharat with hope as only she may show the world the true path to happiness with her vast reserve of eternal wisdom, Bhagawat said.
But, at home the situation is not so hopeful. There is enemy at the borders, and the people tend to blame the government for every problem. But we blissfully forget that the government act only as the people do. Instead of emphasizing our common national interest, we display the rifts created in the name of caste, creed and religion. What we forget is that the fundamental principle that binds us together as a nation is the eternal values Bharat stands for -- its Sanatan Dharma, which is known as Hindutva. It is this foundation from where we have to start all over, Bhagawat emphasized.
The Sangh is not an organization within a society; it is the organized force of the nation, of its entire people. As such, the Sangh is not something to be supported from outside. It is something to be part of. Bhagwat appealed to the people to be swayamsevaks and be part of the efforts the Sangh is making for the last 87 years.